Child Anxiety Quiz

Below is a list of statements that describe how people feel. Read each statement carefully and decide if it is “Not True or Hardly Ever True” or “Somewhat True or Sometimes True” or “Very True or Often True” for your child. Then for each statement, fill in one circle that corresponds to the response that seems to describe your child for the last 3 months. Please respond to all statements as well as you can, even if some do not seem to concern your child. 

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1. My child worries about other people liking him/her.


2. My child is nervous.


3. My child worries about being as good as other kids.


4. My child worries about things working out for him/her.


5. My child is a worrier.


6. People tell me that my child worries too much.


7. My child worries about what is going to happen in the future.


8. My child worries about how well he/she does things.


9. My child worries about things that have already happened.


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