Better Mental Health

Episode 99 “Something On My Mind”

My 9 year old recently came to me and said, “Dad, I have something on my mind” and I was so proud. Why? [...]
Workplace Stress

Episode 98 “Workplace Stress”

Workplace stress is often cited as a major driver of mental health deterioration. The pandemic has made this worse withe labor shortages forcing [...]

Episode 97 “Specialize Kids Early”

As a parent I often struggle with how much to encourage a broad set of activities to my son versus letting him pick [...]

Why Helicopter Parenting is Now the Rule

We hear a lot these days about “helicopter” parenting, or a parent who takes an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of [...]

Suicide: It Can Happen to Your Kids

September is back to school and maybe coincidentally, suicide awareness month.   I don’t just say that off the cuff, the incidences of suicide [...]

What’s Your Struggle? Be Inspired By Others.

Some days feel harder than others. Some days the rain keeps pouring down and feels like it never will end. But this is [...]

In an Instagram World, Teach Self-Compassion

I read an interesting article the other day on why we should forget about teaching and focusing on self-esteem and start focusing more [...]

Guns or Mental Health? New study looks at which leads to more gun violence.

As as a human being and also a parent, every time I hear about these mass shootings I cringe. Walmarts, restaurants, bars, festivals, [...]

Your Child’s Brain Is Wiring- Make Sure it Does So Correctly

People ask me a lot about how the brain “works” and I often smile before taking a deep breath and answering.  The simplest [...]

Mental Health Days Off for Students- A good idea, or too sensitive?

There has been a lot of news around a bill recently passed in the state of Oregon that would allow students to take [...]

More Evidence Pets Benefit Mental Health

On Episode 12 of my podcast I discussed ways that having a pet can positively affect our mental health. While I don’t have [...]

Are Productivity Apps Anti-Productive? 4 Questions Answered.

Recently I was asked about productivity apps and my thoughts on how effective they can be. When it comes to technology to keep [...]