Mental Health Podcast

Episode 66 “The Future is the Enemy”

How much time do you spend each day thinking about the future?  New research suggests that our minds tend to live in the [...]
Social Medial Age REstrictions

Episode 65 “Social Media Age Restriction”

What does Cocaine, Alcohol, and Social Media have in common? They both manipulate our brains into raising the pleasure and addiction chemical, dopamine, [...]

Episode 64 “How Are You?”

How are you doing?  This is the question we must take time to ask ourselves during this difficult time.  It is so important [...]

Why Helicopter Parenting is Now the Rule

We hear a lot these days about “helicopter” parenting, or a parent who takes an overprotective or excessive interest in the life of [...]

Suicide: It Can Happen to Your Kids

September is back to school and maybe coincidentally, suicide awareness month.   I don’t just say that off the cuff, the incidences of suicide [...]

What’s Your Struggle? Be Inspired By Others.

Some days feel harder than others. Some days the rain keeps pouring down and feels like it never will end. But this is [...]

In an Instagram World, Teach Self-Compassion

I read an interesting article the other day on why we should forget about teaching and focusing on self-esteem and start focusing more [...]

Guns or Mental Health? New study looks at which leads to more gun violence.

As as a human being and also a parent, every time I hear about these mass shootings I cringe. Walmarts, restaurants, bars, festivals, [...]

Your Child’s Brain Is Wiring- Make Sure it Does So Correctly

People ask me a lot about how the brain “works” and I often smile before taking a deep breath and answering.  The simplest [...]

Mental Health Days Off for Students- A good idea, or too sensitive?

There has been a lot of news around a bill recently passed in the state of Oregon that would allow students to take [...]

More Evidence Pets Benefit Mental Health

On Episode 12 of my podcast I discussed ways that having a pet can positively affect our mental health. While I don’t have [...]

Are Productivity Apps Anti-Productive? 4 Questions Answered.

Recently I was asked about productivity apps and my thoughts on how effective they can be. When it comes to technology to keep [...]