Guns or Mental Health? New study looks at which leads to more gun violence.

As as a human being and also a parent, every time I hear about these mass shootings I cringe. Walmarts, restaurants, bars, festivals, movie theaters, and churches…where can we go nowadays without fear that someone will run up on us and start shooting. It’s scary and sad, and quite frankly, something needs to be done. Anything. But of course, when anything has political ramifications, people tend to dig on on their talking points, sit tight, and nothing ever gets done.

And for me, this is where we have to look at the science, at the research being done in mental heath and gun violence. There is plenty of research out there on these subjects, and it is time we start looking at the facts. Not the news media’s version of the facts, but the peer reviewed science. And so that is what I aim to do in this article and video below. Not advance an agenda, or tell you what I think, but present to you factual data generated by scientists so we can have informed discussions that will help us move forward and start preventing future killings.

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