Episode 0: “Introduction”

This episode will be an introduction to who I am, what the show will be, and why it was created.  Each show will be published early Sunday morning and last approximately 15-20 minutes.  When the topics demand more discussion or if a guest is brought on for an interview, the shows will longer.  On each show we will discuss different topics relating to mental health and i particular how it affects kids and those that care for them.  We will talk about current topics, scientific facts, statistics, tools to help approach the mental care of our youth, and how all of us can improve the current decline of mental health we are in.   As soon as you are finished listening to this introductory show please check out Episode 1 which is now available. Please remember that your feedback will greatly help guide and steer this show, please leave a message on our website www.bettermentalhealthshow.com, send an email to bettermentalhealthshow@gmail.com, and leave a review on iTunes.   ENJOY!

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