Episode 1: “We Are Suffering”

It is time for an intervention, so lets get it over with on the first episode. On Episode 1 we are going to have an intervention together and talk about the reality that is mental disease.  During this show we will discuss the inevitability of mental disease, and how we should approach ourselves and our children with this in mind.   We can not wait until mental health symptoms manifest, we must be proactive and take preventative measures early with our kids to avoid the problems that arise later.   At some point in our lives we will experience and mental disorder, and our children are suffering earlier and earlier.  Why?  What is happening?  How can we address this?   Join me as we discuss on today’s show.   Please remember that your feedback will greatly help guide and steer this show, please leave a message on our website www.bettermentalhealthshow.com, send an email to [email protected], and leave a review on iTunes.   ENJOY!

One thought on “Episode 1: “We Are Suffering”

  1. This is an excellent intro to an extremely important real life issue. These episodes will educate and motivate parents to be aware and proactive.
    I’m looking forward to guests you will have on future episodes to reinforce, educate and empower parents.
    This is not only timely information, but long over due.

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