Episode 6: “Bullying Research” ft. Dr. Kelly Lynn Mulvey

Bullying can come in many different forms. Sometimes, kids bother others on the playground, in the halls at school or even online on social media sites, in email, and in text messages. About one in every four kids at school has reported being bullied. Experts estimate that about one out of every seven kids in any of the school grades is either a bullying victim or a bully. Schools that have a big problem with bullying seem to have students that don’t perform as well. These schools may score as much as 6 percent lower academically than schools with less bullying. On today’s show I discuss with psychologist Dr. Kelly Lynn Mulvey how programs and prevention of bullying are guided by research.  Kelly Lynn provides us with some results from her own research looking at how different types of bullying affect children difficulty. We also discuss how this research can then be used for better programs designed to prevent bullying.   For more information on Dr. Mulvey’s latest publication click here. Please remember that your feedback will greatly help guide and steer this show, please leave a message on our website www.bettermentalhealthshow.com, send an email to bettermentalhealthshow@gmail.com, and leave a review on iTunes.   ENJOY!

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