Episode 8: “Being Brave”

On today’s show we talk about a topic that I think is really important to a healthy mindset and something that should really be taught and reinforced while kids are young….bravery.   In today’s world of parenting we have become so protective of our children, we never ever want them to feel any sort of discomfort or displeasure.  But as we know and have discussed, that is setting kids up to fail because the world inevitably will make our kids feel discomfort of some sort, and they’re going to have be able to deal with this on there own. In addition to bravery, I feel the rise in anxiety is directly proportional to this feeling of overt safety that we provide our children.  The more kids think that everything is and will be OK, the more anxious they will be if the feel like something bad or wrong is going to happen…SO, we have to be better at teaching our kids how to be brave, and how to be comfortable in the uncomfortable .  How can we do that? Give a listen and let me know your thoughts!

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