“Is Vaping Safe?” Episode 48


Is Vaping safe? Vaping has been in the news for its association to mysterious string of lung diseases across the country. Over 800 people have now been hospitalized and 8 people have died. Numerous sates have issued bans on related products, and the FDA and CDC are now investigating. With all of this scary information out there and the fact that over 25% of high school students reporting to have vaped, the question everyone has right now is, “Is Vaping Safe?”

On today’s show we try to answer that question by providing the latest information on what is going on. We will approach the answer from two angles. The first is the general problem, that is, before all of these people started getting sick, was vaping a good idea? The second topic we discuss is the new problem and why all of these people are getting so sick, and so rapidly. Is it just people that vape nicotine? Is marijuana involved? What about CBD? Join me for an important episode as we discuss the safety of this rising trend.

We reference this article in the episode.

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