Episode 70 “Are Schools Safe?”

Are Schools Sage





COVID spread is the highest it has been since the pandemic began, and kids are still in school.  Should they be?  Is it safe for kids to be in school?  This question is being asked by kids, parents, and teachers all over the country and as a significant contributor high levels of anxiety.  The anxiety stems from the lack of clarity around whether or not schools are a major source of COVID spread and transmission.  On today’s episode we try to provide some answers and clarity to these questions by looking at the data  from states reporting infection rates within school districts and comparing this to the community level transmission data.   Join me for an important discussion regarding COVID in schools.  

Information used on this episode was taken from the following articles:

Why schools probably aren’t COVID hotspots.

As COVID-19 soars in many communities, schools attempt to find ways through the crisis. 

NY State School COVID-19 Report Card