Episode 4: “Screen Time”

Screen time, that is, how much time someone spends in front of a TV screen or device is one of the most discussed and arguably controversial subjects in the world of parenting today, screen time. While there have been numerous studies out there looking at smaller scale studies, a very recent study looking at the result of over 40K participants on the impact of screen time amongst children and teens and their associated mental health was just released, so I wanted to go over the results and implications on today’s show. To begin the show I speak a bit on how I approached this issue with my own child and then get into the results of the study that show a correlation of higher screen time uses, to poor behavior and mental health outcomes. Please remember that your feedback will greatly help guide and steer this show, please leave a message on our website www.bettermentalhealthshow.com, send an email to [email protected], and leave a review on iTunes.   ENJOY!