Episode 15 “Kids Must Think”

Critical thought is what separates humans from the other animal species. Our ability to stop, think, plan, and then make a decision is what separates us and truly makes us special. Nowadays, humans are thinking less and less thanks to technology that can think for them. When we need to know something we don’t ask questions, we ask Google. When we go online and read an article about something, we don’t ask where it came from or entertain the possibility that the article might not be factual, we take take it for face value. Kids do this more than adults, and therefore are more susceptible to the problems this blind acceptance brings. Teaching kids, especially the 21st century kids, how to critically think is so important to raising a sound, highly functioning human being. On today’s episode I discuss an article that talks about ways we can model critical thinking behaviors to teach children how to use their brains, and think!