Episode 46 “Only Human”

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Mental Health issues will arise with all humans, the question is, how do we handle the down turn when it hits us or those we love. It is easy for a mental health illness to take us over quickly, forcing us to a dark place where the light is more and more scarce and harder and harder to re-kindle. So how does one prevent this and even more, how does one pull themself out of such a dark place, once it takes hold.

Strong families and friends are always great to keep our mental health in check and keep that light burning, but sometimes, and in most instances, it is not enough. And that is where our guests for our show today come in. Only Human is an organization that aims to provide a safe place for people struggling with varies aspects of life to connect with others with similar struggles. It is the concept that we are not alone and that all humans struggle, and sometimes, it is this shared burden that can lift people up, and get their mental health back on track. Join us on Episode 46 as we speak to founder and owner Bree Pear and Crissy Saint-Massey as they discuss their struggles, how it lead to the creation of Only Human, and what the mission is.

On Today’s Episode we discuss:

  • some alarming stats on suicide
  • the organization Only Human and their mission
  • stories from real people who struggle and how they channeled their struggles into good
  • what they would say to people who are struggling looking for help

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