Episode 40 “Mental Health Days Off”

There has been a lot of news around a bill recently passed in the state of Oregon that would allow students to take days off from school for mental health problems.  The bill was prompted by a staggering increase in the suicide rate of young people and hoped to break the stigma that still surrounds talking out loud about mental health issues.   I have been arguing for years that kids health should include mental health to the same levels as it does physical health.  All kids go for an annual physical, and by extension, all kids should go for an annual mental health exam.  We are long way away from this given our political landscape, therefore, educating our youth about mental health and talking about it is a good place to start.

On today’s episode we discuss what this new law actually does and why some people are saying they don’t like it and feel its more of us making our kids too soft. I argue that this is not in fact correct, but in fact the responsible thing to do. For example, if we were made aware of a new cream we can put on our kids when they are growing up to significantly reduce their chances of getting cancer when older, wouldn’t we use this cream? Of course. So what’s the difference with mental health? We know talking about mental health, being open with kids about it, and letting them take a day when needed will in fact make them a more healthier adult. So, what’s the difference? Join me and let’s discuss!