Episode 45 “Extracurricular Activities”

Kids and young adults that feel disconnected from their peers are more likely to feel anxious and depressed, and since suicide is the second leading cause of death in kids now, we need to take this seriously. Extracurricular activities are a common way for kids to be more involved and integrated into the social fabric, and on today’s show we discuss a new study that highlights the positive effects of these activities on kids mental health.

  • Correlation of poor mental health to lack of societal integration
  • Affects of extracurricular activities on young kids mental health
  • Affects of different activities on mental health
  • How team sports vs individual sports vary in their effects

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Chris Fasano
Dr. Chris Fasano is the creator and founder of MentalSrongKids.com and host of the Better Mental Health for Kids and Parents Podcast. Chris Fasano is a developmental neuroscientist and mental health advocate.