Episode 34 “Darkness of Comedy” ft. Paul Gilmartin

Laughter is indeed the best medicine, but what is it about the comedic mind then lends itself to darkness? Many comedians suffer from mental disease including depression and substance abuse, but when they walk on stage, their only job is to make people laugh. So interesting. To talk about this fascinating topic on Episode 34, it is my great pleasure to introduce comedian, television personality and  podcast host Paul Gilmartin. Since 2011, Paul has been the host and executive producer of the podcast The Mental Illness Happy Hour. The long-format interview style show examines lives affected by mental health issues, including depression, addiction, fear, anxiety, abuse, and gender identity. We are so excited to welcome Paul to the show for some great discussion around comedy and darkness.

Topics Discussed on Episode 34:

  • Information on new places to find the better mental health show podcast
  • Introduction to comedian and actor Paul Gilmartin
  • What type of person/mind is drawn to comedy
  • Why do comedians tend to have a strong dark side
  • How deep in the darkness did Paul get
  • How did Paul channel his darkness into his current project
  • Lessons from Paul on ho we can pull ourselves out of the darkness

“Don’t just be strong, be mental strong!”

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