Episode 33 “Sick Of Drinking”

Drinking alcohol has been associated with serious physical and mental health risks, so any news showing drinking to be on the decline would be warranted. As we move into this era of wellness and mental health awareness, people are becoming less likely to go out with their friends to have a drink and a whole new spectrum of products are popping up to support this new “sober curious” culture. Are we getting sick of drinking? Is drinking not cool anymore? In Episode 33 we discuss this and how alcohol affects our brain and alters its chemistry.

Topics Discussed on Episode 33:

  • A new mental health policy proposal from Democratic Presidential candidate Seth Moulton
  • How alcohol affects your bran transmission
  • Why alcohol can cause a relaxed feel
  • Drinking incidence on the decline, reasons, and implications
  • New products popping up to support the growing wellness and mental health movement
  • The concept that drinking might no longer be “cool”

In this episode we reference the following article.

“Don’t just be strong, be mental strong!”