Episode 41 “Strength and Depression” ft. Tony Horton (Re-Post)

Despair and depression can strike anyone, at anytime, no matter how much money you have, or how famous you may be. Our guest on Episode 41, celebrity trainer and motivational speaker Tony Horton, can attest to this and discusses this at length in a lively, candid interview.

Tony Horton has trained celebrities like Billy Idol, Tom Petty, and Bruce Springsteen and is best know as the creator and lead trainer for the hit fitness series P90X. Tony rose to stardom from nothing, with no money in his pockets, and enjoyed great success and all that came with it. And then one day he got a bad headache, and his world changed; diagnosed with an auto-immune disorder that left him immobilized and 25 lbs lighter, and damage that would change him forever. Through this time, Tony was stricken with despair and depression and got to a very dark place, that forced him to reach deep down inside to pull himself out.

Join us for this fascinating interview and learn about how being physically strong, can increase your mental strength, and pull you through the darkest of times.


Chris Fasano
Dr. Chris Fasano is the creator and founder of MentalSrongKids.com and host of the Better Mental Health for Kids and Parents Podcast. Chris Fasano is a developmental neuroscientist and mental health advocate.