Episode 42 “Discipline Without Yelling”

One of the hardest things for me as parent is being able to stay calm in the face of my son’s bad behavior. Especially when that behavior seems to be on purpose, knowing it’s wrong. I am inherently one who struggles with patience, and this combination can leave me quick to raise my voice and offering discipline by means of yelling. While this yelling gets his attention, it really doesn’t teach him anything, and in fact, can have a negative impact on his mental health. So what is the right way to discipline? How can we stay calm and help our kids understand right vs wrong without the yelling?

On this episode I will discuss 7 ways to discipline your child without yelling.

We reference this article on today’s show.


Chris Fasano
Dr. Chris Fasano is the creator and founder of MentalSrongKids.com and host of the Better Mental Health for Kids and Parents Podcast. Chris Fasano is a developmental neuroscientist and mental health advocate.