Episode 43 “Our Kids Are Not OK”

Our kids are not OK…if you don’t believe me, believe the numbers that are coming out regarding kids mental health, depression, loneliness, and suicide. In the beginning of this episode I lay out some of these alarming statistics, and then use a recent article from the NY Times to guide the discussion on how children are growing up very differently nowadays, and how a paradigm shift is needed. Some of the topics discussed are:

  • alarming rise in depression and loneliness
  • the move to keep children indoors
  • the loss of the community and community parenting system
  • the importance and new focus on how schools and teachers need to be more involved in social skill learning
  • lack of social interaction time in schools, recess, lunch, etc..
  • suggestions as to how we can change this

On this episode we reference the following articles:

We Have Ruined Our Chid-hood

Cigna Loneliness Study


Chris Fasano
Dr. Chris Fasano is the creator and founder of MentalSrongKids.com and host of the Better Mental Health for Kids and Parents Podcast. Chris Fasano is a developmental neuroscientist and mental health advocate.