Episode 36 “Resilience” ft. Dr. Deborah Gilboa

Resilience is defined as the capacity to recover quickly from difficulties; toughness. As a parent I struggle with this with my kid. When I see him hurt, or about to get hurt, I want to make it better. We all want to make it better. But are we making it worse by always running to our kids and trying to protect them from everything? By doing this we are not teaching them to be resilient. We aren’t teaching them to bounce back. We aren’t teaching them to problem solve and to be ready for the inevitable downturns ahead. Today on Episode 36 we bring on parenting expert Dr. Deborah Gilboa to teach us more about this important topic of resilience.

Topics discussed on this show:

  • Introduction to Dr. G and her passion for teaching resilience.
  • What is resilience at relates to kids and parents?
  • Why is it so important to teach kids to be resilient?
  • Strategies to help build more resilient kids.
  • The concept of empathy and how this relates to resilience.
  • Is there such think as tough love, what does this mean?
  • Teaching resilience to anxious children.

“Don’t just be strong, be mental strong!”