Episode 37 “Talking to Kids About Death”

Death can be a confusing subject for kids to understand. Depending on their age, many kids have a difficult time understanding the concept of permanence. That is, the idea that someone or something is gone and never coming back. On Monday of this week I lost my grandfather and my wife and I were discussing how we handle talking to our son about this and what we would do about the wake and funeral. We went back and forth on what we should say, how direct we should be, and what to do if he asked questions. Luckily, there is a wealth of knowledge out there by experts who know a lot more than me, and so I decided that is was the perfect time to an episode on this topic. While a bit sad and morose, death is a part of life, and the sooner and more we can talk our kids about it, the more comfortable they will be with the concept, and the less scary and anxious it will make them. Join me on Episode 37, “Talking to Kids About Death” on our quest to build an army of mental strong kids.

Topics discussed on this show:

  • What my grandfather meant to me.
  • Being direct with kids about death.
  • Don’t dumb it down, make them confused.
  • They will ask questions, and you should answer them directly.
  • Keep their routines as normal as possible.
  • Ask your kids if they want to attend the funeral.
  • Exposing kids to death, teaches them it’s OK to express emotions.
  • Death will teach kids that life goes on after tough, traumatic events.

“Don’t just be strong, be mental strong!”